About us

Our originally graphic printing business turned into an interior design company. It all started with the Assembli DIY papercraft trophees and from there it grew with 3D puzzles and other brands like Ontwerpduo, Polygonal, and FIGR1. We have our office and production based in Breda, the Netherlands and ship these dutch design products to concept stores, zoo and museum giftshops and consumers (see webshops below) in Europe and all over the world.

Sustainable, timeless design and personal touch are our main objectives.

Creative regards,

Lankhorst Design
– made in Holland –


Webshop for consumers:

Papercraft projects from DIY animal trophees to 3D puzzles insects entomolgy, birdlife and marinelife. Nature and animals are an endless inspiration to designer Joop Bource.

Lovely little DIY paper plant huts ‘Cottage Town’ to decorate your plants in the house and create your own Urban Jungle at home.
And the magic happens when the light goes out with the ‘Luna’ glow-in-the-dark-lamp.
Both designed by a magical duo Ontwerpduo in Eindhoven.

Everything gets in place with our FIGR1 items. FIGR1 is an interior design label with it’s origin in Eindhoven – The Netherlands.
FIGR1 offers a line of clever and subtle interior accessories. Multi-functional, minimalistic and suitable for any part of the home.