Assembli at Events 2024

Save the date:
Museum Connections Paris: 16-17 January 2024
Blickfang Stuttgart: 22-24 March 2024
Blickfang Hamburg:
19-21 April 2024
Blickfang Vienna: 8-10 November 2024
Blickfang Zürich: 22-24 November 2024
Museum Connections: January 2025

We made a special list of our Lankhorst Design Events because we are so excited that we can attend fairs again! It is a chance for us to meet our clients and fans of Assembli  and Figr1 in real life and the perfect way to talk about design, papercraft, environment and business. We always get many positive reactions when attending Designersmarkets and exhibitions. And we get in touch with a lot of other (dutch) designers there. This has lead to several collaborations for exhibitions and this way we can be present at more places. Besides Blickfang in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland we are also going to be present at ShowUp event and VT Wonen en design in the Netherlands, Formland in Denmark and Museum Connections in Paris.
Check out the places and dates from the Lankhorst Design Events above or below and save the date. Excellent opportunity to see our animal trophies and other products in the ‘wild’ and meet the creators of Assembli in person 🙂 Love to see you there!

About Lankhorst design

Our originally graphic printing business turned into an interior design company. It all started with the Assembli DIY papercraft trophees and from there it grew with 3D puzzles and other brands like Ontwerpduo, Polygonal, and FIGR1. We have our office and production based in Breda, the Netherlands and ship these dutch design products to concept stores, zoo- and museum giftshops and consumers all over the world.
Sustainability, timeless design and personal touch are our main objectives.

New products Assembli launched

Design Events are often a perfect opportunity to launch our new products. We can show our projects live to the audience and see the enthousiastic reactions of the public instantly. It always gives us a lot of energy. And the questions they have give us clues on how and where to focus on in our marketing.

New products we added in 2023

The new Assembli products we launched and presented on the events include:

  • 3D Paper Flowers (August 2023)
    set of 3 flowers and single Wall Flowers in 4 vibrant colours
  • 3D Paper Beetle Collection (November 2023)
    collection of 6 beetles in 3 colour blends
  • 3D Paper Fish (2024)
    5 different fish against a coral reef background to put on a wall or standing

The new products launched in 2022 were:
* 3D Fossil Art Kits
* 3D Relief Art Kits
* DIY Textured Canvas Toolkit
* 3D Insects collection extended with:
– scorpion
– grasshopper
– walking stick
– leafcutter ants
– rhinoceros beetle
– beach crab
* ‘Flock of Sheep’ and ‘Highlanders’ by Piet Design added to our selection of cooperating dutch designers.

List of Events in presenting Assembli

Blickfang Vienna, Austria

Date: 8-10 November 2024
More information: Blickfang

Blickfang Zürich, Switzerland

Date: 22-24 November 2024
More information: Blickfang

Museum Connections – Paris: Jan 2025

Date: January 2025
Location: Place de la porte de Versailles de Paris – Hall 3
More information & tickets: Museum Connections