Presentation Inspiration

04/03/2022 Geplaatst in: News

Presentation by theme or colour

Presentation of products in one theme is one way to give some inspiration to your customers. The theme can be in one colour or something that suits the season. Here are some examples of sets; the presentation in your shop is up to you.


Yaay presentation inspiration

We start of with one of our family members who is a real fan of our products! Martin from Yaay conceptstore is a very enthousiast seller of our products and we can see that clearly in his cool shop interior. Making use of a lot of the bigger showmodels you can see that the brand Assembli is clearly visible in the shop. Good work Martin!

Yaay interior

The Other Shop Conceptstore

Another family member is The Other Shop with shops in Antwerp and Gent. Here you see some images of the shop in Antwerp. The paper kits are presented in a round cabinet made from old wooden cable blocks. Customers are able to walk around it and see the product in different angles. Presenting a paper craft showmodel multiple times can enhance the impact it makes on a customer. The three penguins show that clearly. By placing them on a ‘stand’ the papercraft gets even more impact. The last picture shows the 3D puzzles small and medium in our wooden display boxes. The customer can scroll through the packages easily to select the version he or she likes.


Naturalis Museumshop presentation inspiration

At the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, the Netherlands we see a different way of presenting the 3D puzzles small. The packages are clearly visible and easily accessible up for grabbing in this rack. Some of the showmodels are boxed with plexiglas so people can take a good look but the showmodel does not gets damaged.

Presentation Inspiration at Naturalis Museum Shop


Papier Plume presentation inspiration

You guys are so creative! Evidence in the picture below from Papier Plume in New Orleans all the way in the United States. A shop with the finest selections of writing instruments, inks and stationary. A swarm of butterflies sprouts out the pens on the left corner of the counter. Dazzlingly beautiful as a paper product itself, but also as a support for a unique property of the main product to be sold; color pens.

Papier Plume butterfly collection presentation


Got inspired? We hope so! Do you want to share some pictures of your shop with us?
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Greetings from the A-Team 🙂