Are you going to start a Concept store?
And are you looking for a supplier for your conceptstore?

There is always a lot to consider when starting a new concept store. Concept, location, insurance, personnel and range. Determining the range is important in the world of concept stores to remain unique and surprising. That is why you need to look for nice refreshing brands to offer to your customers. So we understand that you are looking for a trustworthy supplier for conceptstores.

Do you prefer to work with a reliable supplier for eco-friendly and sustainable DIY products in your conceptstore? A supplier who is close to you and you can easily get in touch with personally to discuss the collection in your store?

You may first think of B2B wholesalers to purchase. But there you often have a minimum order value and you have to purchase at least a number of times to remain a ‘member’. It is also often just what is in stock at that time, what is available and what you can take with you. But that can also be done differently! We are not a wholesaler and that offers quite a few advantages. We will point them out for you:


Why choose Lankhorst design as a supplier for your concept store?

Eco Friendly and sustainable design

  • We have an FSC-certification and some of our products are FSC-certified products (look for the FSC-logo on the products, also marked with * and on our website).
  • We constantly work on reducing our waste, use of plastic material or packaging. We separate plastic and paper from our waste and recycle it. Read more about our sustainable mindset in our blogpost: Impact on the earth: what we leave behind.
  • We constantly work on keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible.
  • We work with a social workplace and with charities.

DIY to get creative and trendy dutch design

  • We are based in the Netherlands and our products are designed by our own designer and therefore truly Dutch Design.
  • Because we create DIY-products they trigger creativity and mindfulness with the customer who gets to create and decorate after purchasing, which means the product continues to be enjoyable for a long time after purchase.
  • We produce unique colorful interior items from paper.
  • Due to the width and depth of our range, there is something for everyone in models and colors.
  • We respond to interior and gift trends with our offer.


Personal direct contact

  • You have direct personal contact with our Assembli Team as a supplier for conceptstores.
    We are not a platform and do not work with intermediaries.
  • Within our team we have creative employees who can help you with styling advice and instore presentation.
  • We are regularly present at trade fairs where we present new products and you can meet us in person.
  • Our speed of delivery is high because we produce the products in-house.
  • You will get a personal Dealer Login on our B2B website with your own account.
  • The minimum order size is 8 pieces and there is no minimum order amount, so you can easily start with a low number of products, which is handy if you are just starting your business.


What is our specialty at Lankhorst design?

With a young fresh team behind our dutch design brands, we work with great pleasure and enthusiasm in our lab in Breda, the Netherlands. Despite the fact that we are not yet gray (here and there some hairs) and are not ready for retirement, we do have years of experience in the professional field and as a supplier for conceptstores.
In our team we have an experienced designer, printer, marketeer and stylist, so that we can advise you in many ways with your purchase but also with the best way to sell your products. We are not only there for you when you purchase from us, but are always there for you if you have questions regarding bestsellers to put together your range, the presentation of our products in your store and, for example, setting up nice promo actions.


Yes, I do!

Do you think: “Lankhorst design and my new concept store are the best match!”

Just fill in the dealer request form and provide as much information as possible so that we can assess whether we are a match. You will always hear from us as soon as possible.

Greetings from Lankhorst design team