Our impact on the earth: What we leave behind (besides nice designs)

19/05/2021 Geplaatst in: News

Sustainable Management by Lankhorst Design

Sustainable management is our way of of producing, developing and designing our Dutch Design. Just being here on the planet is making us leave behind something. We care a lot about what impact we make on the earth in the end. As designer and producers of Assembli interior decoration and a supplier of Figr1 we are lovers of nature so we aim to only leave our footprints behind on this planet. And some brilliant, unforgettable fun designs of course!

Our DIY interior objects like our animal friendly paper trophies, birds and insects are the perfect interior decoration for vegan animal hunters, entomologists and birdwatchers. This is the way we are practice what we preach to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible: we have a FSC-certification, we reduce, reuse and recycle material and aim for efficient use of energy and transport.

Lankhorst Design has a FSC-certificate

For all our DIY interior objects we use responsible or recycled paper as much as we can. Our company has an FSC-certification  for Paper Trophy Kits and Paper Birds. Look for the FSC-logo on our products and on our website!
The round tubes for the paper kits are made from recycled kraft material. The paper and carton we use for the bodies of the insects, banners of the paper trophies and the packaging is all FSC-mix paper. Even the metallic paper for the metallic golden version papercraft kits is FSC mix paper. This means the paper is made of paper that keeps our forests healthy. Read more about the labels here.


We reduce, reuse, recycle

  • We reduce waste by producing efficiently, for example fitting 4 parts on 1 sheet of paper and so not leave too much wasted.
    The printing ink we used is biological and we only use biological washing detergent to clean the presses.
  • We also reduce waste by not using any unnecessary plastic material or packaging. The quality of the product is very important to us so we do want to make sure it reaches our customer undamaged. We admit this sometimes can be a bit of a challenge ????
  • We reuse (clean) packaging material as much as possible. This may result in different packaging and fill ups: we use what is available at that moment. So sometimes it is plastic we otherwise would have to throw away.
  • In the end there is always material left that we ourselves cannot reuse anymore: then we let it recycle! We recycle paper by putting all paper waste in a separate container which goes to a paper recycling company. And the plastic waste is also separated: the PP plastic is for Joop and his ‘Haute Plastique’ design products and the non-usable plastic ends up in a big bag which goes to plastic recycling companies.

Sustainable management: Our energy and efficient transport

The energy contract we have is based on 100% green energy from solar panels or mostly windmills. And last but not least: we aim for efficient transport and shipping quantities. We designed boxes to fit exactly x amount of tubes to meet regulations in size and weight of transport companies. Resellers can help by ordering according to these limits.

When going to events we try to organize transport as efficient as we can. We take our own car and drive together as much as we can.  In some cases we work together with other dutch designers and even then combine transport where possible. Also more fun too. This is how Lankhorst Design works on keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible and only leave some stunning and fun designs behind on this planet.

If you have any questions about his subject or suggestions, please let us know!