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In search of a sustainable zoo shop supplier?

Are you responsible for a souvenir shop in a zoo or botanical garden and looking for a good and fair shop supplier? Are you looking for merchandise that will give a nice reminder but also a unique experience for your visitors once they are at home?
Do you prefer products designed with quality, sustainability, fairmade in the Netherlands and created with genuine passion? This is exactly what Lankhorst Design stands for.
Our unique Dutch Design brands are the perfect easy accessible merchandise for your souvenir shop. Whether it is a zoo, a botanical garden or a natural history museum. Everything linked to animals and nature is our cup of tea!

Many things around us in nature inspire us to create our unique DIY-interior objects. Visitors of zoos are interested in nature, animals and love sustainability. Visiting any zoo is a new experience every time. And this experience should be summarised in the souvenir shop to enhance the experience and complete the memory of the visit. Our Assembli products can extend the experience of the zoo at home because besides a reminder it is also a DIY-project. We feel very proud our Assembli products are being presented in souvenir shops of the most beautiful zoos in the world.

Which products can Lankhorst offer especially to zoos?

We are well known for our Assembli animal heads, birds, marine life and our insects. All is made from paper and some products even have FSC-logo, like the paper trophy kits and 3D Birds. With sustainability getting more important for zoos nowadays we aim to help reach that goal also in the zooshop. We aim to provide a suitable range with our products to zoos, but also to botanical gardens and natural history museums.

Our products are DIY kits that challenge the customer to put together their own animal in an educational way. This gives our range a highly educational character, which is also an important goal for many zoos. In addition, you can enhance the customer experience in the souvenir shop by offering a suitable range of Assembli animals that match the animals that reside in your zoo. This will increase the turnover of the sale.

Lankhorst Design is the supplier of Assembli, Ontwerpduo and Figr1 products. All three Dutch Design brands have proven themselves to be a commercial but also a sustainable addition to zoo shops.
Assembli being a brand with a high educational and sustainable character; the paper trophy heads, birds and 3d entomology puzzles are real creative and mindful experiences.

Why choose Lankhorst Design as your zoo shop supplier?

Lankhorst Design is not ‘only’ a supplier, but also a very cooperative partner. Together with you, we can create a full shopping experience for your visitors, because we think along.
Firstly we are able to create the best possible presentation for your zoo souvenir shop. Because we have an in-house designer and workplace.
Secondly we can think outside the box. Think of a private label, especially designed limited edition products or products designed to celebrate the birth of newborn animals.
Thirdly our clients come from all over the world. Therefore we are widely experienced in advising within different consumer markets, target groups and locations. The best match with our products are locations with a theme related to nature, animals, prehistoric eras, (interior)design or paper.


We are the supplier of the following zoos, gardens and nature-related-museums:

  • Naturalis (Leiden, The Netherlands) – Biodiversity center
  • Dumba Park (Tattendorf, Austria) – Butterfly world & Dino park
  • Burgers Zoo (Arnhem, The Netherlands) – 45 hectares of animal park
  • Naturkunde-Museum (Bielefeld, Germany) – Natural science collections
  • De Bijenboerderij (Strijbeek, The Netherlands) – Bee centre, bee keeper shop and bees stable
  • Hortus Botanicus (Leiden, The Netherlands) – The oldest garden in the Netherlands
  • Natuurhistorisch museum (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) – Urban nature and natural history museum of the geological past of the Rotterdam region
  • Wildlands Adventure Zoo (Emmen, The Netherlands) – A world trip through all continents in 1 day


Like to meet us in real life?

Every year we attend some (inter)national fairs to get in touch with our resellers, to meet new clients, to get inspiration and keep on track with the latest trends in the work field.
For an overview of the planned fairs in 2022: Lankhorst Design Events 2022-2023


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