Bestsellers of 2021

08/06/2022 Geplaatst in: News

An overview of the bestsellers of 2021

To make your choice of a nice well-selling range a lot easier we dived into our numbers and made a new bestsellers list for 2021. It can help you choose products from which you know for sure they will surprise and be loved by your clients. Before we start with the bestsellers of 2021 we have a short overview of our new added products to our range!
And we can tell you already that our designer Joop is very busy creating new models. We as co-workers see the process from nearby and are very enthusiastic about it! We love them and we know for sure the customers will do also! In 2022 a lot of new 3D puzzles will be born. Of course we will keep you updated about the launch through our mailing and our Instagram page. To be continued….


Our newest products since last year

Since last year 2021 around May/June we added the following new products to the Assembli range:

The bestsellers of 2021 of the paper kits in 2021 were:

1. Panda Baby
2. Flamingo Pink
3. Panda
4. Whale
5. Fox citrus orange
6. Grizzly
7. Sabre
8. Giraffe yellow
9. Horse/Unicorn soft mint
10. Frenchie pup
11. Wolf carbon black
12. Shark concrete grey


The bestsellers of 2021 of the 3D puzzles small:

1. Honey bee satin gold
2. Ladybug ruby red/Ladybug love edition
3. Bumble bee transparent
4. Praying mantis mango green
5. Stag Caribbean green
6. Dragonfly Caribbean green
7. Birdwing Butterfly azure blue
8. Stag cobalt blue
9. Birdwing Butterfly sunset yellow
10. Honey bee transparent
11. Jewel beetle mango green
12. Jewel beetle pink


The bestsellers of the 3d puzzles medium:

1. Lobster
2. Giant honey bee
3. Colibri green-purple
4. Colibri yellow-blue
5. Squid blue
6. Colibri magenta-yellow
7. Colibri purple-blue
8. Swallow
9. Kingfisher green-purple
10. Kingfisher yellow-blue

The bestsellers of the collections in 2021:

1. Urban birds
2. Butterflies Caribbean green
3. Butterflies purple
4. Dragonfly sunset yellow
5. Dragonfly Caribbean green
6. Butterflies sunset yellow
7. Butterflies mango green
8. Geese flight
9. Dragonflies mango green
10. Dragonflies purple