Paper Sea Turtle

Size: 47x41x9 cm

The Sea Turtle kit contains:

• 3 gold templates.
• A test shape to practice, folding and building instructions.
• Fast drying glue and a folding lath.
Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble this Sea Turtle yourself! ?

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Build a beautiful model based on this very special animal.

Sea turtles have been around for 100 million years and even lived in the age of the dinosaurs! This makes them one of the oldest creatures on Earth. A sea turtle is an air-breathing animal and can stay underwater for 1 to 5 hours, depending on their activity. They spend almost their entire lives in the water. Only the females come ashore to lay their eggs on the beach sand and bury them. The leatherback turtle is the largest of all and can grow up to 2.5 meters in length!

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